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The JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of New York, NY holds a ‘Mythology Cafe’ event on the third Wednesday of every month.

Our ‘Mythology Cafe’ nights revolve around a different theme or myth each time.  The usual format is that one of our own members (or a special guest) gives a short presentation which then leads to a lively group discussion.


In addition, we also hold many other events, such as small group discussions on books, Campbell lectures, trips and other mythological happenings in our community (eg. myth-related museums, concerts, movie screenings, etc.).


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Mythology Cafe
Discussing Gilgamesh, at our monthly Mythology Cafe!


Kicking off a night on Finnegan’s Wake, at our Mythology Cafe!


If you live in the New York area, or are just passing through, we’d love for you to CONTACT US!


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RoundTable Contact: Cecilia Sanchez Beltran

RoundTable Status: Chartered