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The JCF Mythological RoundTable Group of Ojai, CA is focused on unveiling the mythical layers behind modern culture. Although some see ancient religions and myths as being something of the past, the work of Joseph Campbell has demonstrated that these founding stories are still relevant to the culture of today and the artists who contribute to it. Our primary areas of exploration are how the individual can use traditional wisdom to navigate the depths of the psyche and find his or her personal mythos. The goal of such an approach is to promote artistic expression through the individual’s meeting with the creative unconscious.

At our monthly gatherings held at the Ojai Foundation, the Roundable of Ojai encourages a lively discussion on topics such as the works of Joseph Campbell, Jungian and Archetypal psychological perspectives, Eastern spiritual traditions, yogic practices, shamanism, mystical paths within the Abrahamic faiths, folklore and fairytales. Even if such themes seem esoteric, the discussion will be centered on the practical aspects of impacting one’s life. Furthermore, examples will be provided from literature, film, and art to illustrate how the culture-bearers of today implement mythical and archetypal thought in their work.

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