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The Roundtable was created just before the first Robert Walter visit to São Paulo, Brasil. Mrs. Jean Erdman also came to São Paulo by that time.  Our subject are the Campbell´s  books and videos translated to Portuguese.  The discussion each month is followed by questions and answers based on the material that we sturdied, or a storytelling, a body experience, the creation of a writing, a poem or a drawing. So, we always have the intellectual and the creativity, beside the ritual part.  Each meeting is coordinated by 2 members. During the year we hope that everybody will be proposing and will be in charge of a theme or an activity.

Campbell´s videos are a very important contact with Campbell ideas and a direct way to study his message. We need to have them translated to Portuguese language. The only material translated is exactly “The Power of Myth” released here in Brazil only in December of 2005.


We gather from March to December, once a month, the third Saturday of the month at the leader´s “Espaço da Dança”. After the activities we have a ritual celebrating and sharing the food and beverage that each member brings to the Roundtable.

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