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The JCF Mythological RoundTable® Group of Sarasota‘s mission is to discover where the mythology of today resides. Our belief is that it lives in artistry, poetry, and above all creativity.
Our meetings and events promote the mythology of the now by speaking to participants at the level of the individual. It is our business to enact today’s mythology, not simply narrate it.

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Inaugural Meeting of the JCF Mythological RoundTable(R) Group of Jacksonville, FL @ UNF Writing Center
Sep 27 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Genesis – We Love Origin Stories; or, In the Beginning…


UNF Writing Center

September 27, 2019

12:30-1:30 PM


Grab some grub and choose a chair at our Mythological RoundTable’s first meeting of Fall 2019. Starting out on this adventure together, we’ll explore how creation myths and heroic tales persist in this era of superhero movies. Join us as we examine the cultural and psychological symbols at work in stories old and new. Come discuss how we can each relate to Adam, Eve, Peter Parker, and Wonder Woman.


Stick around after the thrilling presentations to share with us what you think our beloved origin stories say about a person’s individual journey through adolescence and finding one’s place in the world.


Whether you thought Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was better than Marvel’s Homecoming or you’re sick of seeing Thomas and Martha Wayne get shot, this event is for you!

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RoundTable Contact: Paul André Boivin

RoundTable Status: Chartered