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Festival procession in Kandy, Sri Lanka. (Photograph by Joseph Campbell, 1955. From Asian Journals — India & Japan, copyright © 2002 and 2018 by Joseph Campbell Foundation. All rights reserved.) 0

MythBlast | The Mythology of Celebration

As we celebrate Joseph Campbell’s birthday this month, we can use the occasion to consider the mythological roots of our rituals of celebration. Sometimes we celebrate a one-time occasion, like a college graduation, getting...

Cornhusk mask of the Seneca (Iroquois) "Bushyheads" or Husk Face Society. 0

MythBlast | El Niño Dios, the Goddess, and the Cross

There is nothing more mythic than the ceremonies and stories that have gathered around the winter solstice. They are powerful metaphors that are present across cultures, irrespective of time and places, with the vastness...

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade by Peter Roan/peterj1961@flickr | Used through a Creative Commons license 0

MythBlast | The Season as Sacred

As we move into the holidays, experiencing the passage of seasons, the weather shifts to a cooler disposition, the world darkens early, and the sun’s transit diminishes, foretelling the coming winter lull. We light...