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MythBlast | Flowers, Death, and the Mythology of Horror Films: A Midsommar Night’s Dream

An immense billboard looms over Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. On it, a woman appears to be consumed with deep sorrow, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. A crown of flowers rests ironically upon...


MythBlast | Eclipse: It is in Darkness One Finds the Light

Yesterday, on August 21, Americans living within the “umbral cone” had a ring side seat to the latest total solar eclipse visible from the U.S. for the first time in 26 years. As you...


MythBlast | The Goddess, Beautiful in Tears

As I watch the renewing, generative energies of spring wrestle with the lingering insistence of winter in the mountains of Northern Arizona it might be apt to remember Freyja, the most familiar and powerful...