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Scar (photo by Daniel Pasikov; used though a Creative Commons license) 0

MythBlast | Scares and Scars

Scars are curious things given an even more curious name: the word scar is derived from the Greek word eschara, meaning “place of fire.” The word does not mean “caused by fire,” nor does...


MythBlast | Joyce, Campbell, and Jim Morrison

I recently had the pleasure of reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming—a story, eponymously, about Michelle’s “becoming,” grateful for the accessibility of an autobiography that models the unfolding nature of finding one’s purpose. I think how...


MythBlast | The Afflictions of Philoctetes: The Work of Some Rude Hand

It seems to me, life on this planet displays a disturbing propensity for the powerful to further afflict the already afflicted. The personae non-grata, the sick, the powerless, the poor, are forced to live in...