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laughing buddha (Bali, Indonesia), photograph by Michael Pfaff (whiteganesha, flickr.com). Used through a Creative Commons license 0

MythBlast | Laughing Heroes

The classic characters and narratives of Greek mythology sculpted in stone throughout antiquity display a wide range of human emotions and psychological motifs. One particular expression, however, is often curiously absent – laughter. While...

Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean-Léon Gérôme, circa 1890. (Public domain image provided by the New York Metropolitan Museum) 0

MythBlast | Myths We Love By

A love of wonder: according to Aristotle, this is what brought the lover of wisdom (Greek, philosophos) and the lover of myth (Greek, philomuthos) together. For Socrates, love was that most ancient of gods,...

The Hero's Journey® 0

MythBlast | Why We Rise

The Role of Story in Crafting New Beginnings for Our Lives Most attribute the foundations of Western story structure to Aristotle. His simple idea that stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an...