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An Grotesque Woman by Quenten Matys (oil on oak, Germany, c. 1513) 0

MythBlast | The Wedding of Dame Ragnell and Sir Gawain

The story of Dame Ragnell and Sir Gawain is one of the most popular tales to come down from late medieval England, and scholars generally attribute it to Geoffrey Chaucer. In “The Wife of...


MythBlast | OK, Boomer, Star Wars, and Myth

The recent OK, Boomer brouhaha both amused and bemused me, and made me think (surprise!) about Star Wars and Joseph Campbell, not that I needed an excuse. If you managed to miss it, so-called...


The Grail Never Fails: Continue the Search in the New Year

The Grail by Alice Popkorn. Used through a Creative Commons license As we begin the new year, I express my gratitude to Evans Lansing Smith for so skillfully editing Joseph Campbell’s research and writing...