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MythBlast | Strictly Platonic: The Clash Between Education and Sports

In 2015, Time Magazine ran a piece exploring why student athletes struggled to maintain their grades and the numerous factors surrounding the problem. The article was in response to a report from The Chronicle...

Handwritten fragment from a piece of Joseph Campbell's fiction (Copyright © 2018 Joseph Campbell Foundation) 0

MythBlast | Thus Were the Meditations of the Serviceable Mind

W.H. Auden once remarked that a real book reads us, an observation that seems right enough to me, and certainly seems right to apply to the work of Joseph Campbell. After all, Campbell spent...

Mythic Imagination: Collected Short Fiction by Joseph Campbell 0

MythBlast | Where Do Stories Come From?

For every profession, there’s a question people ask that isn’t the real question. When I was an actor, the question audience members asked was, “How do you learn all those lines?” when what they...