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The Return of Jason (red-figure kalyx, Etruscan, Italy, c. 470 B.C.) 0

MythBlast | Through The Looking Glass

I myself have been traveling around quite a bit, these years, from one college campus to another, and everywhere the first question asked me is, “Under what sign were you born?” The mysteries of...

The Sorcerer of Trois Frères. 0

MythBlast | Paleolithic Cave Art, Time, and Eternity

Joseph Campbell wrote about the great painted and engraved Paleolithic “temple caves,” as he called them, of southern France and northern Spain. Lascaux in the Dordogne and Les Trois Frères in the Pyrenees are...


MythBlast | The Uses of Myth: Disengage Your Arrows

In the month of April, the Joseph Campbell Foundation is celebrating the impending release of several new editions of two Campbell classics, The Mythic Dimension and Primitive Mythology, both coming soon as eBooks and...