Who’s Who at JCF

The Joseph Campbell® Foundation (JCF) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt working foundation, not a grant-making organization. JCF is run essentially by volunteers who assume responsibility for specific tasks.

For information about the current Board of Directors, please visit this page.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Barbara Dzeb, Citrin Cooperman LLC
Audio Curators Jimmy Maxwell, Seth Bailin
Communications Coordinator Gabrielle Basha
Community Coordinator Stephen Gerringer
Content Curator John Bucher
Conversations of a Higher Order Stephen Gerringer, Michael Lambert, et. al.
Copyeditor Sasha Kudler
Editorial Advisory Group Joanna Gardner (Senior Editor), Andrew Gurevich, Bradley Olson, Catherine Svehla, Evans Lansing Smith, Will Linn, et. al.
Executive Editor, Collected Works Bob Walter
Intellectual Property Counsel Evoke Law, PC
Mary L. Shapiro, Esq. & Nicole Katsin, Esq.
Managing Editor, Collected Works David Kudler
MythBlast Editor Bradley Olson
News Curator Robert Guyker
Operations Coordinator Ilya Smirnoff
Research, Special Projects Andrew Gurevich
Resources Curator John Bucher
Rights & Permissions Michael Lambert
Video Curator Tyler Lapkin
Video Editor William McLane
Video Rights Licensing David M. Fox
Web Developer Mark Oppenneer


Joseph Campbell® Foundation Fellows are individuals who have achieved success in their individual fields and volunteer their time and talent to the Foundation.


David Darling David Gonzalez
Carol Gunby Lorin Hollander
Paul Horn D Chungliang Al Huang
David “Red” Johnson Mickey Lemle
Terry Lupton Gerald McDermott D
Richard Patterson Michael Pinder

Erdman-Campbell Award

JCF’s Board of Directors on special occasions presents the Erdman-Campbell Award for Contributions to the Contemporary Mythopoetic Imagination to individuals whose life and work contribute significantly to shaping the emerging mythos, in the spirit of Joseph Campbell and his wife, Jean Erdman, award winning choreographer and modern dance pioneer.

Initial recipients:

Stewart Brand, writer, editor, futurist, creator of the Whole Earth Catalog and co-founder of The WELL.

Alexander Rose, Next Generation Visionary and director of the Long Now Foundation.


Emeritus Directors & Advisors

Jean Erdman Campbell FBD D Chair Emeritus

Stephen Aizenstat   FA Charles Brainard, Esq.   FBA
Theodore C. Dillingham   FD FA D Jessica Ewing FD
Keoni Fairbanks   FD Marjory E. Fairbanks   FBD D
David M. Fox   FA Kathy Komaroff Goodman   FD FA
Jerome L. Goldman   FBA Chungliang Al Huang   FA
Michael S. Karlin FD Sam Keen FBA
Paul Klein   FA Robin Larsen   FBA
Stephen Larsen   FBA Mickey Lemle   FA
John Lobell   FBA George Lucas   FBA
Barbara McClintock   FBA Leigh Melander FD
David L. Miller   FD Anne Marie Morissette   FBA D
Peggy Hansen Olsen   FA D Terry Peay   FA
Laurance Rockefeller   FBA D Mary L. Shapiro   FD
Elise Collins Shields   FD Lois Farfel Stark   FA
Roberto Takaoka   FA Alfred van der Marck   FBA D
Robert Wagner   FD Mark Watts   FA  

FBD Founding Board of Directors
FBA Founding Board of Advisors
FD Former Director
FA Former Advisor
D Deceased

For information about the current Board of Directors, please visit this page.