Collected Works of Joseph Campbell, The (Series)

Campbell, Joseph   |  Walter, Robert (executive editor); Kudler, David (managing editor)

The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell

The JCF, in conjunction with New World Library, Acorn Media and Roomful of Sky Records, has undertaken to make Mr. Campbell’s unreleased and no-longer-available work–uncollected essays, journals, interviews, lectures, article fragments, etc–available through this thought-provoking series. The works in the on-going series are:



  • The Hero’s Journey: A Biographical Portrait–This film, made shortly before his death in 1987, follows Campbell’s personal quest—a pathless journey of questioning, discovery, and ultimately of delight and joy in a life to which he said, “Yes”
  • Sukhavati: A Mythic Journey–This hypnotic and mesmerizing film is a deeply personal, almost spiritual, portrait of Campbell
  • Mythos–This series is made up of talks that Campbell himself believed summed up his views on “the one great story of mankind”


  • The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell, Series I–A newly digitized and remastered release of these classic recordings, covering Campbell’s early years as a public speaker and including some of his most inspiring and beloved talks.
  • The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell, Series IILectures from the middle of Campbell’s career, starting just after the moon landing in 1969 and counting to the late 1970s.
  • The Collected Lectures of Joseph Campbell, Series III—The JCF is preparing for the orderly release of thirty previously unavailable recordings of Campbell at his finest, exploring myth, religion, history, literature and personal growth as only he could. These lectures will come from the end of Campbell’s career, beginning with the late 1970s up until his death in 1987.

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