Download  Finnegans Wake (Audio: Lecture III.1.5)

Finnegans Wake (Audio: Lecture III.1.5)

The name “Finn” goes back to an old Irish hero, “Fionn mac Cumhaill ” [Finn MacCool], who was the guardian of Dublin Bay for many, many years.  And he was a great giant and he had a whole army of giants called “The Fianna.”  So Finn is back again.  — Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell provides an entertaining, insightful and thought-provoking lecture on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. This lecture, along with his book, A Skeleton’s Key to Finnigan’s Wake, provides deep insight into James Joyce artistic twists and use of the English language. This is a culmination and end of Dedalus’s flight. Campbell theorizes about the last book by James Joyce, which was never written.