Download  Christian & European Traditions, Pt. II (Audio: Lecture III.2.3)

Christian & European Traditions, Pt. II (Audio: Lecture III.2.3)

There is a dualistic idea here. And the drift of Near Eastern religions is to press out, to get rid of the darkness and become absolutely pure. That’s not the way it is in Europe. The European way is of these two — light and darknesses — [as] aspects of the one life, the one thing. And they must both be in play. And you consume death so that you may live. — Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell continues his overview of the Arthurian romances, looking at two symbols at the hearts of many of these classic stories: the Waste Land and the Grail. He touches on the stories of Tristan & Iseult and Parzival, but also explores the mythic imagery of both the Western European tradition and the Abrahamic traditions, as well as the New World tradition of the Sioux shaman Black Elk and the universal image of the labyrinth.