Download  New Horizons (Audio: Lecture I.1.4)

New Horizons (Audio: Lecture I.1.4)

The old texts comfort us with horizons, they tell us that a loving, a kind, a just father is out there. But according to the scientific view, nobody knows what is out there, or if there is any “out there” at all. There is just a display of things that our senses bring to us…. What lies beyond is a mystery so great that it is going to be inexhaustible in its revelations, and man has to be great enough to receive it. ~Joseph Campbell

With the coming of scientific revolution, the notion of “truth” was replaced by a tireless quest for knowledge. Humankind saw the protective horizon of the universe disappear, replaced by ever-changing hypotheses and indistinct horizons. In this two-part lecture, Joseph Campbell considers how science has challenged human beliefs, the perceptions of the individual, and the meanings of mythology, and then explores the impact of science on the “adventurous enterprise of today.”

Running time: approx. 60 minutes