Download  The World Soul (Audio: Lecture I.2.5)

The World Soul (Audio: Lecture I.2.5)

In the ultimate illumination, all pairs of opposites are transcended, are left behind. And this world as we know and experience it is the perfect lotus world — this is nirvana, as it looks…. The whole world as it lives is a manifestation of this radiant mystery, and we do not see it. — Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell first discusses the links between the ancient Hindu practice of Yoga and modern depth psychology. He then reviews the seven chakras (energy centers) of kundalini yoga and tells how a practitioner can raise kundalini energy up the spine from the first to the seventh chakra. If this is accomplished, the veil of Maya (illusion) is raised, and the world around us becomes transparent to the transcendent.

Running time: approx. 60 minutes