Download  Interpreting Oriental Myth (Audio: Lecture I.3.1)

Interpreting Oriental Myth (Audio: Lecture I.3.1)

The whole point of the Oriental wisdom and mythic themes is that we are not in exile, but that the god is within you. You can’t be exiled from it. All that can happen is that you don’t know it—that you don’t realize it, that you haven’t found a way to open your consciousness to this presence, which is right within you. — Joseph Campbell

In this talk, Joseph Campbell explores the fascinating differences between western belief systems and the wisdom of the Orient. In the West, there is an emphasis on humanity’s exile from the Garden of Eden and, hence, on our separation from God. In Oriental mythic traditions, however, there was no exile and, moreover, one can never be separate from God, because God is within every soul. Problems of alienation arise only when one has not opened up to a realization of the God consciousness within them.

Running time: approx. 60 minutes