Download  Origins of Western Mythology (Audio: Lecture I.6.1)

Origins of Western Mythology (Audio: Lecture I.6.1)

As I say, the function finally of myths is to introduce you by way of the mārga, of the [universal] path, to the deep psychological and mystical the two being ultimately one. The mystery of your psyche and the mystery of the universe is one. —Joseph Campbell

Throughout the myths of the world, certain elementary ideas appear that transcend all borders and languages, yet these universals are always clothes in the historical and social trappings of their native culture. In this far-reaching talk, Campbell explores the dynamic balance between these universals and their local manifestations by focusing on the central myths of the four ancient centers of high civilization: China, India, the Near East, and Europe. Central to his exploration is the way in which their primal myths continue to or fail to serve them to this day.

Running time: approx. 60 minutes