Download  Mythology in the Modern Age (Audio: Lecture II.2.4)

Mythology in the Modern Age (Audio: Lecture II.2.4)

Whereas in the ancient world one could speak of two mythologies — the mythology of the people staying in the village, doing as they were told, guarded by the village compound and the village gods, and the mythology of those who ventured into the forest of adventure for individual hero experiences — today we can speak of only one mythology because there is no village compound. The tide has broken in.
— Joseph Campbell

In this talk, Joseph Campbell looks at the ways in which mythologies must adapt to maintain their relevance in a world far removed from the ancient times in which they were born. Looking at how some of the functions of myth have been taken on by different segments of society, he explores the fractured spiritual landscape of the modern world, and the ways in which to heal those fractures.

This lecture was recorded at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York in 1968.