Download  Four Aims of Indian Life (Audio: Lecture II.4.5)

Four Aims of Indian Life (Audio: Lecture II.4.5)

The first encounter of the West with this type of yoga was that of Alexander the Great. When he arrived in Taxila, in 327 B.C., he and his young officers heard that there was a school of philosophers just outside the town. And they determined to go pay a visit. That’s to say, the young officers did. They had all been students of Aristotle and Plato and so forth. And they thought they were going to have an interesting conversation with like-minded Oriental spirits.. — Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell covers the four Aims of Indian life by sharing a series of ancient Indian tales. Each is as delightful, spellbinding and illuminating as the next. And with his expert interpretation as the elements are revealed, you get a unique insight into his mastery of the mythological material he explored throughout his life

This lecture was recorded at the Asia Society in New York, NY in 1968.