Download  The Way of Beauty (Audio: Lecture II.5.6)

The Way of Beauty (Audio: Lecture II.5.6)

And so we come to the next part of the problem: what about aesthetic arrest, what about the static? Well Joyce turns for his authority here to Aquinas. And Aquinas speaks of three moments … in the rendering of an aesthetic experience of the proper sort. He uses three Latin words: integritas, consonantia and claritas. — Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell describes how “The Way of Beauty” is approached via the aesthetic experience. Perhaps it’s India art, or the way of Yoga, or Thomas Mann and James Joyce who peak your curiosity about “the Way of the Artist.” No matter what your experience or approach, you’ll enjoy Campbell’s closing recitation of “Natural Beauty,” by poet Robinson Jeffers.

This lecture was recorded at the Jung Institute – San Francisco in 1984