Download  Trick or Treat: Halloween… (Esingle)

Trick or Treat: Halloween… (Esingle)

“The make-believe, the play, the humor, the delight is the mythological perspective on life. In the Hindu tradition, the world is said to be “God’s play,” “God’s dance.” When one plays life that way, one awakes creative vital energies in oneself that otherwise are not available. Watch a youngster going down the street. He may be galloping as though he were a horse. If he were just walking, he might be a little bored. The galloping brings up life energy.” — Joseph Campbell

In this previously unreleased piece, Joseph Campbell examines the mythic roots of Halloween, exploring the power of masks and symbols, and looking at just what it means to play a role and live in a myth. Based on two talks delivered during his final years as a lecturer, “Trick or Treat” shows Campbell at his most whimsical and most serious, discussing a favorite topic: the myths we live by.