Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers

Campbell, Joseph with Moyers, Bill

Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers offer a brilliant combination of wisdom and wit in conversations that range from modern marriage to virgin births, from saviors to heroes in the Power of Myth–a great summing up of Campbell’s works.

In this companion work to the PBS television series, we get a good deal more than the series was able to show; thus, those viewers who enjoyed the six-hour special, as well as the many readers of Campbell’s myth studies, can gain from this work a fuller understanding of Campbell’s wisdom, deftly brought out by Moyers’s intelligent questions. . . . Campbell’s remarkable storytelling and teaching powers are revealed as his mind moves from ancient Hindu scriptures to James Joyce, from biblical stories to Luke Skywalker, from Lao-tsu to Black Elk. . . . Campbell is the hero on his own voyage of discovery. This well-bound book on lovely paper with helpful illustrations from art is highly recommended for all libraries. — From N.B. Palmer – Choice

The late Joseph Campbell was perhaps the foremost popular exponent of the world’s mythological traditions. These conversations with Bill Moyers present him in a relaxed, informal context that moves from Star Wars to folk wisdom to religious symbolism–all discussed in chatty, user-friendly tones that make myth a merrily mundane matter. A bit too mundane sometimes, particularly when Moyers insists on bringing his own less-than-scintillating experiences into their dialogues, but Campbell usually succeeds in steering the discussion back on course. — From Paul Stuewe – Quill & Quire

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