The Masks of God

Masks of God series

The Masks of God (Series)

This four volume magnum opus was Campbell’s most comprehensive attempt to lay out his theories of the history of myth and religion.

Published between 1959 and 1968, Campbell’s The Masks of God covers mythology from around the world, from ancient to modern. Where The Hero with a Thousand Faces focused on the commonality of mythology (the “elementary ideas”), the Masks of God books focus upon historical and cultural variations the monomyth takes on (the “folk ideas”). In other words, where The Hero with a Thousand Faces draws perhaps more from psychology, the Masks of God books draw more from anthropology and history. The four volumes of Masks of God are as follows: Primitive MythologyOriental MythologyOccidental Mythology, and Creative Mythology.

The Masks of God 4: Creative Mythology

Volume 4: Explore the power of myth as it exploded from twelfth century Europe into the modern world In this fourth volume of The Masks of God — Joseph Campbell’s major work of comparative mythology …

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The Masks of God 3: Occidental Mythology

Volume 3: Occidental Mythology is a systematic and fascinating comparison of the themes that underlie the art, worship, and literature of the western world. The Masks of God is a four-volume study of world …

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The Masks of God 2: Oriental Mythology

Volume 2: Campbell offers an explanation of Eastern mythology as it developed into the distinctive religions of Egypt, India, China, and Japan. “The myth of eternal return, which is still basic to Oriental life, …

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The Masks of God 1: Primitive Mythology

Volume 1: Primitive Mythology: The primitive roots of the mythology of the world are examined in light of the most recent discoveries in archaeology, anthropology, and psychology. The Masks of God is a four-volume …

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