Thou Art That

Campbell, Joseph   |  Kennedy, Eugene

Thou Art That is a compilation of previously uncollected essays and lectures by Joseph Campbell that focus on the Judeo-Christian tradition. Here Campbell explores common religious symbols, reexamining and reinterpreting them in the context of his remarkable knowledge of world mythology. According to Campbell, society often confuses the literal and metaphorical interpretations of religious stories and symbols.

In this collection, he eloquently reestablishes these metaphors as a means to enhance spiritual understanding and mystical revelation. With characteristic verve, he ranges from rich storytelling to insightful comparative scholarship. Included is editor Eugene Kennedy’s classic interview with Campbell in The New York Times Magazine, which brought the scholar to the public’s attention for the first time.


[A] romp through the Judeo-Christian tradition, a lightning-paced tour with an extremely knowledgeable and provocative guide to illuminate some intriguing, untrammeled paths… . breathtakingly clear in describing mind-opening concepts. — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Campbell the armchair speaker… shines through, bouyant with life and with comments that are eerily relevant to current times. — Parabola

Overarching [the explorations in this book] is the personal yet universal message of immanence implicit in the Sanskrit saying translated by the book’s title, which is a statement locating the essential mystery of religion within the person–every person. Excerpts from postlecture question-and-answer periods and Kennedy’s 1979 New York Times Magazine interview of Campbell round out a great way to start a series. — Booklist, Ray Olson

This little gem of a book… will serve well anyone attempting to grapple with the symbolic nature of both religious and mythical images and experiences. — Dennis Patrick Slattery, Zion’s Herald

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