Myths of Light

Myths of Light

By Joseph Campbell | David Kudler, editor

This title is part of the The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell series

This previously unpublished title brings the focus of Campbell’s remarkable knowledge and intellect to one of his favorite topics, the myths and metaphors of the Asian religions. By his own account, Joseph Campbell began his comparative study of the world’s religions with a chance meeting with the renowned Indian Theosophist Jeddu Krishnamurti on a trans-Atlantic steamer.

Though he was deeply fascinated by mythologies and religions from every continent, Asia’s potent mix of theologies captured his imagination more than any other, and offered him paths to understanding the essence of myth. Readers who have been waiting for an accessible summation of Campbell’s insights into the great Asian traditions will have it in this compact volume.

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The fundamental thought in the Oriental philosophical world is that the mysterious, ultimate truth, that which you seek to know, is absolutely beyond all definition. All categories of thought, all modes of imaging fall short of it. When we ask, "Is God merciful, just, loving? Does he love me, does he love my people more than those? Are these not chosen, are those not rejected?"––this from the Oriental standpoint is sheer kindergarten stuff. [share]
Life throws up around us these temptations, these distractions, and the problem is to find the immovable center within. Then you can survive anything. Myth will help you do that. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go out on picket lines about atomic research. Go ahead, but do it playfully. The universe is God's play. [share]
The realms of the gods and demons––heaven, purgatory, hell––are of the substance of dreams. Myth, in this view, is the dream of the world. If we accept gods as objective realities, then they are the counterpart of your dream––this is a very important point––dream and myth are of the same logic. [share]



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