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Bundle: Myths to Live By and Myths to Live By Study Guide eBooks

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    This bundle includes Campbell's book of collected essays Myths to Live By as well as the accompanying Skeleton Key Study Guide.

    In this Skeleton Key Study Guide to Joseph Cambpell’s Myths to Live By, you’ll find summaries of Campbell’s views about key aspects of mythology, as well as quotes, reading suggestions, discussion topics, and prompts for creative projects.

    Catherine Svehla, PhD is an independent scholar, consultant, and mentor in the mythic life. She works with artists and creative individuals who want to apply a mythic and archetypal lens to life and work, and offers thought-provoking story circles, workshops, and other mythic tools to open the imagination. Catherine is the host of the Myth Matters podcast, an exploration of myth in contemporary life and a member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation’s MythMaker℠ Podcast Network. A recognized innovator in the field of mythological studies, Catherine received a New Mythos grant from OPUS Archives.

    Learn more about Catherine’s work at

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