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Why Not Dance?

by Catherine Svehla

Stories of heroes and their exploits occupy an important place in the collective imagination. The hero leaves the familiar, struggles through the dreaded dark night of the soul, and emerges as savior, role model,...

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June 19 is a different Christian Holy Day for different lineages. In the West, it is Corpus Christi, or the “Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” For the Eastern Church it is All Saints Day.

Litha is one of eight Wicca sabbats, this one falling on June 21, the summer solstice. Fire rituals are not uncommon. And, with the forces of darkness and light in perfect balance, it is considered an auspicious day for marriage.

For Canadians the feast day of John the Baptist has been largely secularized, surviving as a popular national holiday celebrating all things French. Adopted in 1834, it was a response to the immense popularity of St. Patrick’s celebrations among Irish around the world.

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I.4.4.07 - Regression into the Depths of Being - an excerpt from this lecture.

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The Eternal Principle

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Our gift to you this month is eSingle titled Dialogues – Excerpt from Mythic Worlds, Modern Words. Access this download for free until the end of the month.

This is an excerpt from Joseph Campbell’s collected and transcribed lectures Mythic Worlds, Modern Words: The Art of James Joyce.

Arranged by Joyce scholar Edmund L. Epstein, Mythic Worlds, Modern Words presents a wide range of Campbell’s writing and lectures on Joyce, which together form an illuminating running commentary on Joyce’s masterworks. Campbell’s visceral appreciation for all that was new in Joyce will delight the previously uninitiated, and perhaps intimidated, as well as longtime lovers of both Joyce and Campbell.

Dialogues is a Q+A portion where Campbell answers questions about James Joyce’s views on didactic art.

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Joseph Campbell Book Club

“What happens when you pair an intelligent but selfish and crafty trickster with an embodiment of loyalty, compassion, and care? Get to know Loki and his wife, Sigyn, from the Norse mythological world in a fascinating dive into this unlikely coupling—Lea Svendsen’s Loki and Sigyn: Lessons on Chaos, Laughter & Loyalty from the Norse Gods. Svendsen approaches her subjects with vibrant storytelling, scholarly insights, a keen eye toward the tradition of heathenry, and always a healthy dose of humor as befits a trickster devotee. Please join me as we laugh at, learn from, and marvel at the lies and love of Loki.”

Scott Neumeister, PhD
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Weekly Quotation

The fool is the breakthrough of the absolute into the field of controlled social orders.

-- Joseph Campbell
From An Open Life: Joseph Campbell in Conversation with Michael Toms