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The Antlered Child: Changing Shapes, Changing Souls
The Antlered Child: Changing Shapes, Changing Souls
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by Joanna Gardner

Change is in the air. Again. As usual.  The climate is changing. The pandemic changes. Technology changes. Our lives change. Once upon a time, change happened more gradually, or so it seems. Now it...

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This month’s theme is Metamorphosis. Enjoy our Weekly Offerings...

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According to tradition and the lunar calendar, Mawlid al-Nabīy, the birthday of the Prophet Muḥammad, is celebrated in most Muslim-majority countries on October 18. Both individual and corporate observances are encouraged and may last until sunset of the following day.

Sometimes called the “Buddhist Lent,” the three-month Rains Retreat for Bhikkus (ordained Buddhists) ends on Pavarana, October 19. The next day, October 20, is reserved for Buddhist laypersons as Kathina, a day to donate new robes to the local monastery. These charitable displays have recently been curtailed by coronavirus restrictions but will be observed in some communities via zoom.

Also on the 20th, Sikhs will bow before a throne on which sits not a person but a book, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, canonical scriptures of the faith. Treated as an eternal and living guru, the document may not be changed. Not a sentence, not a word, not a letter.

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Our gift to you this month is audio lecture titled Creative Mythology (Audio: Lecture II.2.5). Access this download for free until the end of the month.

Joseph Campbell was often asked how a new mythology was going to develop. His answer was that it would have to come from poets, artists, and filmmakers. In this talk, Campbell explores what he called creative mythology — the way in which artists can and do give a sense of the transcendent in a universe apparently empty of meaning.

This lecture was recorded at Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin in 1969.

Got ideas? Share them with a community of like-minded mythmakers at our discussion forum – the Conversations of a Higher Order.

Joseph Campbell Book Club

“The ancient Greeks called the art of reworking established myths ‘mythopoesis.’ Telling an old story in a new voice and from a fresh perspective makes room for new questions and reveals new meanings. It’s an essential form of myth-making. In Ariadne, Jennifer Saint reimagines the classic Greek story of Theseus and the Minotaur from the perspective of Ariadne and her sister, Phaedra. These two women tell a compelling story about monsters, heroes, and the mysterious god Dionysus, and the role they played in this famous story. Ariadne is a wonderful poesis of Greek mythology and a meditation on sisterhood, heroism, fate, and free will today.”

Catherine Svehla, PhD
Editorial Advisory Group
Joseph Campbell Foundation

Weekly Quotation

Nature is prime: it is there at birth; Society is next: it is only a shaper of Nature, and a function, moreover, of what it shapes; whereas Nature is deep and, finally, as inscrutable as Being itself.

-- Joseph Campbell