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by Evans Lansing Smith

One of Campbell’s last projects, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion, was developed from a series of lectures delivered in San Francisco. The series included a symposium at...

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At sunset on March 10, Muslim faithful remember Laylat al Mi’raj, the Night Journey of the Prophet Mohammed described in the 17th Chapter of the Qur’an. In 621 CE, Mohammed was carried on the back of a winged horse into the presence of God.

Hindu children hear of a very different encounter with God.  March 11 is Mahashivaratri, a time to contemplate Shiva, that unique member of the Hindu trinity whose dance this night creates, destroys, and preserves the universe.

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I.I.4.16 - No Horizons - The Mythic Enterprise of Today - an excerpt from this lecture.

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The Homeric Legends: Crossing the Threshold

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“When the symbol is functioning for engagement, the cognitive faculties are held fascinated by and bound to the symbol itself, and are thus simultaneously informed by and protected from the unknown. But when the symbol is functioning for disengagement, transport, and metamorphosis, it becomes a catapult to be left behind.” — Joseph Campbell

Campbell’s famous, mind-expanding essay explores the fundamental connection between myth, symbol, and human culture. In it, he looks at the origins of western culture’s myths and symbols, and asks whether these are still relevant in the modern era. This piece, along with classics such as “Mythogenesis,” “Bios and Mythos” and Campbell’s foreword to Grimms’ Fairy Tales, was published as part of the collection The Flight of the Wild Gander (re-issued by New World Library in 2002). This digital edition has been published by Joseph Campbell Foundation.

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“The Trickster’s divine disruptions turn the status quo inside out. In Lewis Hyde’s Trickster Makes This World, we’ll meet this multifaceted archetype’s many hungers, deceptions, and creations…”

– Joanna Gardner, PhD

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Weekly Quotation

What is the Siren’s song? It is the song of the mystery of the universe that makes it impossible to go on with mere phenomenal work.

-- Joseph Campbell