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by Andrew Gurevich

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. ” Pablo Picasso What do we suppose Picasso meant by the above quote? How, exactly, does one...

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New World Library and Joseph Campbell Foundation are excited to to announce the release on December 29, 2020 of Primitive Mythology, the first title in a new hardcover edition of The Masks of God series. The first volume in Joseph Campbell’s monumental four-volume Masks of God series, originally published in 1959 and now revised with up-to-date science and new illustrations in this Collected Works of Joseph Campbell edition.

“[T]he mask in a primitive festival is revered and experienced as a veritable apparition of the mythical being that it represents — even though everyone knows that a man made the mask and that a man is wearing it. The one wearing it, furthermore, is identified with the god during the time of the ritual of which the mask is a part. He does not merely represent the god; he is the god.”
– Joseph Campbell, Primitive Mythology


This Week in Mythological Events

The Honen Shonin Memorial on January 25, 2021 celebrates the simple Pure Land teaching of Honen Bo Genku (1133 – 1212 CE). His disciples believe that a simple repetition of the
Nembutsu (“I take refuge in Amitaba Buddha”) assures personal salvation.
The Mahayana New Year begins on January 28.

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Psyche & Symbol - Pedagogy and the Projection of the Self

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Creative Mythology - The Artist's Experience - an excerpt from this lecture.

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Our gift to you this month is a short e-single from Primitive Mythology titled Toward a Natural History of the Gods and Heroes (eSingle). Access this download for free until the end of the month.

Where The Hero with a Thousand Faces looks at the universal themes of myths and dreams, in the four books of his great Masks of God series Joseph Campbell explores the ways in which those themes have varied across the ages and between cultures. Yet in this full-throated introduction, Campbell establishes his basic thesis: that although humanity’s myths are many, their source is “always the same.”

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Joseph Campbell Book Club

Introducing our book club pic for February: Joseph Campbell’s Mythic Imagination.

“To what extent do we see the mythological brilliance of Joseph Campbell expressed in his stories, and to what extent did storytelling contribute to his success as a mythologist?…”

– William Linn II, Ph.D.
Editorial Advisory Group

Weekly Quotation

The first condition, therefore, that any mythology must fulfill if it is to render life to modern lives is that of cleansing the doors of perception to the wonder, at once terrible and fascinating, of ourselves and of the universe of which we are the ears and eyes and the mind.

-- Joseph Campbell