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Journey in Silence

by John Bucher

While in Tokyo on Wednesday, April 20, 1955, Joseph Campbell wrote in his journal about an item he read in the morning paper: Einstein’s formula for success: A = XYZ. A is success in...

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Devout Sikhs will note the June 16 martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji whose only crime was his refusal to remove offensive lyrics from a few hymns. He was, among other things, a curator. He assembled a scripture containing writings from two opposed camps: Islam and Hinduism. The emperor did not approve, and the Guru forfeited his life.

Buddhists will celebrate the anniversary of Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro (June 18), widely regarded as the foremost teacher of the Mahāyāna tradition in the 20th Century.

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II.1.1.13 - An Anecdote about Gurus - an excerpt from this lecture.

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Joseph Campbell Book Club

The Heroine’s Journey
By Maureen Murdock

“In The Heroine’s Journey, Maureen Murdock guides us through an exploration of the feminine monomyth. Juxtaposed with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, the quest for the feminine is one of acceptance and healing, of self, rather than reaching for success in the ‘other’…”

Torri Yates-Orr
Myth & Meaning Advisory Board
Joseph Campbell Foundation

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Weekly Quotation

“AUM” is a symbolic sound that puts you in touch with that resounding being that is the universe. If you heard some of the recordings of Tibetan monks chanting AUM, you would know what the word means, all right. That’s the AUM of being in the world. To be in touch with that and to get the sense of that is the peak experience of all. A-U-M. The birth, the coming into being, and the dissolution that cycles back. AUM is called the “four-element syllable.” A-U-M—and what is the fourth element? The silence out of which AUM arises, and back into which it goes, and which underlies it. My life is the A-U-M, but there is a silence underlying it, too. That is what we would call the immortal.