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Bundle: Thou Art That eBook and Skeleton Key Study Guide

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    This bundle includes Campbell's book Thou Art That as well as the accompanying Skeleton Key Study Guide.


    In this Skeleton Key Study Guide to Joseph Cambpell’s Thou Art That, you’ll discover Campbell’s views about religious narrative and symbols. You’ll also find quotes, reading suggestions, discussion and essay topics, and prompts for creative projects.

    Andrew Gurevich brings his decades of writing and teaching experience to this helpful guide, as well as his compassion and dedication to Campbell’s ideas.

    About the Author

    Andrew Gurevich is a professor of mythology, religion, and ancient literature. He is the former president of the Association for the Anthropology of Consciousness, an academic organization that studies anthropological approaches to understanding consciousness, and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Andrew lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two children. He is the author of numerous rhetorical artifacts that explore the living presence of the sacred in the human story.

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