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The Temptations of Metaphor

by Mark C.E. Peterson

One more idea: mythology as the second womb—it must be constructed of the stuff of modern life. The tendency of the clergy is to hold to the past and therefore reject, not redeem, the...

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For Christians in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, Pentecost (June 20) recalls with joy the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the heads of the Apostles. It is said there appeared to be “tongues of flame” above them and that, when they spoke, people of all languages somehow understood them. Empowered by the Spirit to communicate the truth of Christ to all nations, they began a missionary effort of global proportions.

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Joseph Campbell Book Club

The Heroine’s Journey
By Maureen Murdock

“In The Heroine’s Journey, Maureen Murdock guides us through an exploration of the feminine monomyth. Juxtaposed with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, the quest for the feminine is one of acceptance and healing, of self, rather than reaching for success in the ‘other’…”

Torri Yates-Orr
Myth & Meaning Advisory Board
Joseph Campbell Foundation

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Mythology is the womb of mankind’s initiation to life and death.

-- Joseph Campbell